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Samsung One UI 4.1/4.0/Android 12: How to use Flash Notification



one ui android 12 flash notifications

Samsung’s latest One UI 4.1 and One UI 4.0 devices are powered by Android 12 and come with improved notification options. One of which includes the Flash Notification, which comes pre-built on Samsung One UI 4.1/4.0 (Android 12) devices and notifies users about any incoming notification via camera LED and display flash.

Notifications are an essential part of your Samsung One UI user interface and the core user interactions are derived from such Android architecture. System notifications as well as app notifications form a level of information and deliver them to you to get a glance at what’s happening or about to happen on your smartphone.

Once enabled, the phone will either flash the camera light or the screen when you receive notifications or when alarms sound. If you want something from your smartphone and do something extra, then you can try this flash notification accessibility feature to never miss any update on Samsung One UI 4.1/4.0 (Android 12) smartphone.

To enable, Flash Notification:

Open Settings > Search Flash Notifications and then select the right option.

From here you can enable two flash notification options, first is the camera flash notification. The second is the Screen flash notification. Both of these works according to their names.

one ui android 12 flash notification

However, Samsung has given the option to customize the use case of each feature for all, a few, or custom app numbers according to your preference. Since both of these options works independently, you can enable or disable them separately.

Customize Screen flash:

The best part about that screen flash is that you can choose the color of the screen while it flashes and preview it on real-time.

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