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SAIC launched world’s first Huawei AR-HUD equipped Feifan R7 smart car



SAIC Feifan R7 Huawei AR-HUD launched

The wait for a new and super-agile smart car is over! SAIC Automobile cooperation has finally launched the world’s first Huawei AR-HUD-equipped Feifan R7 pure electric vehicle. Besides, there are some more new tweaks, hidden in the backseat of this car.

So let’s make a good tour of the new functions and pinches of this smart automation!

SAIC Group has launched a total of four Feifan R7 models with the Huawei AR-HUD system. This is a medium-to-large-sized SUV with a measurement of 4900mm in length, 1925mm in width, and 1655mm in height. It also has a wheelbase of 2950mm.

In terms of charging power, the company has implied a 77kWh and a 90kWh battery in its car models. These offer a cruising range of 642km. It also equips the Snapdragon 8155 processor with Premium 4D imaging radar.

And let’s not forget about the Huawei AR-HUD system which is the largest field of view. It supports immersive visual interaction and helps the driver to stay in connection with both surroundings and the automation.

SAIC Feifan R7 Huawei AR-HUD launched

Speaking of the design, the Feifan R7 features a streamlined fastback structure with a sports car-level wide-body layout. It also showcases a multi-dimensional sensor-oriented smart cabin. Further, there is a 43-inch wide-format true color triple AMOLED-based screen with a central control panel.

It also carries supercomputing driving chips and a full-stack high-end driving system. Ultimately, these features are quite enough to boost the driving experience of the user from zero to a hundred level.

SAIC Feifan R7 Huawei AR-HUD launched

Price of the new smart car

The subsidy cost of these vehicles varies from 289,000 to 356, 900 yuan [39,894.54 -49,144.80 USD] . Meanwhile, the vehicle-electric separation mode carries price tags from 205, 900 to 256, 900 yuan [28,423.92 – 35,464.32 USD].

However, users who will select the 90kWh battery in the vehicle-electric separation mode have to pay a monthly fee of 1560 yuan [215.66 USD]. Whereas, users with a 77kWh battery will give a monthly rent of 1260 yuan [174.18 USD].

SAIC Feifan R7 Huawei AR-HUD launched


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