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Huawei AR-HUD showcase at Munich International Auto show



Huawei AR-HUD technology

Huawei showcased its AR-HUD (Augmented Reality Head-Up Display) solution at the Munich International Automobile and Smart Mobility Expo in Germany. This new technology uses vehicles’ front windows as a display screen to provides a safer and enhanced driving experience.

Huawei has over 20 years of experience in the ICT optical field and applied that expertise in this latest AR-HUD solution. It integrates the optical black technology to provide smaller objects on larger frames in a UHD view.

Huawei AR-HUD mainly concerns three aspects that include graphical navigations for sound deriving, 3D information exposure for a better understanding of the surroundings, and anti-ghosting technology for an ultra clearer view. Its rich application scenario includes the following.

  1. Object Information Display
  2. AR Navigation
  3. Safety Assisted Driving
  4. Night Vision
  5. Rain and Fog Enhancement Prompt
  6. Audio-Visual Entertainment

Now, Let’s talk about the other three aspects in detail-


Graphical or AR Navigation:

The latest AR-HUD has a larger viewing angle of 13 z 15 degrees and 70-inches of the display frame. The object and environment details are shown on the bottom edge so it won’t block the driver’s view. Furthermore, it also provides navigation instruction in severe conditions.

Observing the surroundings, it can also recognize accurate details in night, rain, and fog. To be mentioned, the HUD was initially used in fighter planes to increase safety standards and for more precise navigation. Later, it made its way to the automotive field.

3D Information Display:

Moving ahead to the full HD vision, the Huawei AR-HUD can provide a maximum of 100PPD vision elimination the problem of low brightness, low contrast, and image deformity, unlike other HUDs. The high-definition streaming function lets the users enjoy seamless video calls and a tranquil experience in games.

Besides, it also offers audio-visual entertainment functions. In addition, using the real map POI the driver can also get info about parking areas, shopping centers, restaurants, and other utilities in real-time. Overall, it’s bringing high-profile driving experiences.


Anti Ghosting Technology:

The viewing attributes of Huawei’s AR-HUD features a large FOV volume ratio with a 10L volume. It not only solves the vehicle adapting for a variety of vehicles but solves the ghosting vertigo problem also. You can check the image comparison below-

Huawei AR-HUD Ghost image comparison

(AR-HUD effect with ghosting in left and the AR-HUD effect without ghosting in right)

Huawei implements a high-tech light path design and algorithm technology for a smoother graphic representation during object transmissions. It reduces the motion blur problem causes by the slow response of the screen. Besides, Huang Zhiyong who is Optical Applications President at Huawei believes that Huawei AR-HUD will be a breakthrough in traditional media with its safety standards and multi-functionality.

“Huawei AR-HUD uses innovative ODP optical display engine and spatial optical technology to break the limitations of traditional media and create a new experience of safe driving. The next stage of AR-HUD The development of higher definition and naked-eye 3D has created an unprecedented super horizon.

Huawei will continue to invest in the research and development of optical root technology, and create a wealth of optical application products to serve in vehicles and other fields so that optical capabilities can benefit all industries.” – Said the President


(Source: Weibo)

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ArcFox Alpha S Huawei Hi version will start to deliver by the fourth quarter 2021



ArcFox Alpha S Huawei Hi

Last month, Huawei and BAIC have announced their deepening collaboration agreement to bring an advanced ArcFox Alpha S Huawei Hi version. The agreement cover obligations related to cooperation management mechanism, products research, development planning, and brand marketing.

As per the information, the ArcFox Alpha S Huawei Hi edition will be installed with Huawei ADS (autonomous driving system), powerful hardware, three lidars, and numerous sensors. Besides, this high-end smart car will be shipped at a starting price of 429,900 Yuan.

Alongside the users, investors also becoming eager to ride this advanced car. Related to this matter shareholders started asking the car manufacturers about the expected shipment for this car. Besides, BAIC Blue Valley also don’t make them disappoint and gave a positive response.

BAIC Blue Valley response

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According to the latest information, the ArcFox Alpha S series with Huawei Hi will start to ship by the further quarter of this year. However, the first shipment will be in a small batch. At present, the company has speedup the entire plan to deliver the models by the stated time.

The ArcFox Alpha S Series:

BAIC and Huawei jointly launch the ArcFox Alpha S series at the 2021 Shanghai Auto show in April this year. Its places as one of the high-end electric cars equipped with Huawei exclusive technology. The top feature includes

  • Huawei Kirin 990A Chipset
  • High-End Autonomous driving system
  • Fast charging technology
  • HarmonyOS smart cockpit
  • Powerful Lidar system

Equipping with the latest technologies, this smart car has a great performance in terms of autopiloting. On the other hand, the tech provider Huawei also adding more cities to make the car run on autonomous mode. The information shows that it has 1,000 unit orders that are scheduled o deliver by this year.

Apart from all this, both the company are also working on an SUV model that will run on fuel supply. In addition, the SUV model also supports the HarmonyOS ecology and there might be Huawei exclusive technologies like in-vehicle Kirin chip, HiLink solution, and others as well. (Read Here)

(Source: Ithome)

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No autonomous driving model from Huawei and Volkswagen: Response



Huawei Car

Recently, Huawei talks about the collaboration with Volkswagen for the autonomous driving models and clear the rumors. The company stated it doesn’t want to raise any flash hopes to its supporters about which isn’t going to happen.

According to previous reports, the Chines tech giant and the German car manufacturer were collaborating with each other. Under this agreement, both parties will be making innovative smart care featuring next-level autonomous driving technology.

However, people familiar with this matter stated, the information isn’t true, there isn’t any project is being discussed of this kind. On the other hand, the carmaker hasn’t responded to this matter yet while the Chine firm has cleared the rumors from its side.

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The Matter: New Collaboration

If we seek help from the previous news, some sources disclosed that both companies are discussing the terms and conditions of a smart car project. According to this, Volkswagen will be sponsoring the autonomous driving model project, while Huawei will be the technology provider.

Huawei Smart Car

Furthermore, the China-based firm will be responsible for technical IP including software technology and the company’s IP chips. In this manner, it’ll retain its no-car-making policy while playing an important role in this project. Seems like, all was just made-ups and any company doesn’t plan this project.

 Huawei’s smart car solution planning

Huawei ICT Business Unit Director Wang Tao has shared the company strategy that it’ll be going to adopt for the next 10 years. At the Autonomous Driving Network Summit, we come to know about Huawei’s perspective regarding the automotive industry’s current problems.

The company plans to accelerate full-stack AI empowerment, intently connected interface, single-domain autonomous closed loop, and cross-platform seamless connection. Moreover, it plans to achieve L4-level autonomous technology by 2025.


(Via- Ithome)

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A new Huawei smart car “SERES Auto” surfed on the internet



Huawei SERES Auto

Huawei and SERES are previously reported to introduce a new smart car, which will be more refine and high tech than the recently launched Smart Selection SF5. Related to this, a new Huawei smart car named “SERES Auto” has been surfed on the internet lately.

It’s said that the strategy this time will be different from the previous one, in which Huawei worked as one of the suppliers. Some relevant sources on this matter even said Huawei will handle all the matters related to designing to later marketing and sales.

To be more precise, we can see it as the company buying the entire SF5 series, except the manufacturing part. The company still standing on its no-car making policy and stated Huawei SERES Auto isn’t its next car as until you don’t manufacture a car you can’t own any smart car brand.

However, the company is still seeking new ways to rule over the automotive industry. Besides, the Shenzhen-based firms once reported bringing a 7-seater SF7 SUV that’ll equip with its full-stack smart car solution technology. This smart car will be able to support a 30W charging supply and will come with two variants- basic and advance.


Apart from the design and technologies, the reports also reveal the prices decided for both models. As per the information, the regular model will cost 300,000 Yuan meanwhile the advanced model that will come with the Huawei ADS will come with a price tag of 500,000 Yuan or more.

Huawei SERES Smart Select SF5 Smart Car:

On April 19th, 2021, Huawei and SERES launched the Smart Selection SF5 electric car that is able to realize 180 KM everyday drive. This car works at a high power of 405kW alongside a torque of 820 Nm. In addition, it has four exterior design colors- Zhan Hailan, Gilt Black, Titanium Silver Gray, and Peral White. Besides, it was initially priced at 216,800 Yuan and 246,80 Yuan on Huawei Mall.

Below, you can check the main highlights of the model-

  • Huawei DriveONE
  • Dual-Motor Four-Wheel drive
  • 405 kW with 820 Torque N.m.
  • 4.68 sec/100 km Acceleration
  • High Strength Fram Design
  • Huawei HiCar
  • 11 Huawei Sound unit

(Via- Ithome)

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