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Rumors for Kirin X-series PC chips flying in air, Huawei responds



Huawei Kirin X series PC chips

Following the Intel and Qualcomm chip-selling license cancelation by the US, a new rumor is now flying in the air regarding self-developed Huawei Kirin-X series PC chips. The term appeared in an alleged document leaked by Huawei and its executives.

Reports say that the Chairman of Huawei HiSilicon Semiconductor He Tingbo and the Chairman of Consumer Business Group Yu Chengdong released an internal document entitled ‘Letter to Comrades’. It also quoted a plan named “Taishan Battle”.

The plan seemed as a backup for computer-dedicated chips, following the US tightening on foreign chip sales in China. It may result in a void for Huawei PCs.

Details in the plan reveal that both He Tingbo and Yu Chengdong have to give their best to implement the fastest and the highest quality components to develop Kirin X series chip-based PC products and introduce them later this year.

Although a few persons related to Huawei denied the Kirin X-series PC chips rumors, describing it as fake. The officials mentioned that there are no such plans for the time being. Some other reporters exploring this subject found no such documents.

Note that the alleged internal document initially showed up on the Huawei Community. But sources within the firm haven’t received such words from executives so far.

When asked Huawei about its view on the chip license cancellation, the OEM said that the company will continue to use those chips that it had already purchased and has in stock. The firm also uses some Chinese processors apart from foreign chips.

Huawei Kirin X series PC chips

Huawei Kirin PC chips (Image Credits: Huawei)

For now, the tech giant has firmly shown denial of its advanced chips for PCs. Although early details point out that the company is silently building a new Kirin PC chipset with better solutions. Perhaps we could find it on the ground later this year.

Alleged Kirin PC chip:

Some previous details mentioned that Huawei is likely to bring its Kirin PC chip in the second or third quarter of 2024 with the new Qingyun series notebooks. After commercial products, the company may use the CPU for consumer-based laptops.

Kirin PC chipset might match the Apple M3 performance with a new V130 Taishan architecture. It may also pair up with 32GB RAM and 2TB of internal storage.

You can check on more details about the Kirin PC chip HERE.

[Source – Tom’s Hardware]

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