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Rollout seven Years of security updates, says Germany but Phone makers oppose



7 Years security updates

Security updates are the after-sale services provided by the Phone Seller (company) to ensures stable performance of the device or the software. When it comes to devices such as smartphones or tablets-  the spare parts are as necessary equally to the updates.

Generally, a smartphone OEM sends updates for about 3 consecutive years that include security improvements and feature updates. However, some have other policies reading the updates as well. In this line, the smartphone service and energy-efficient draft from the European Commission have come to light.

The German Federal Ministry of Economics (hereinafter Federal Ministry) Spokesperson wants a seven-year security update service from the makers. Meanwhile, the digital Europe industry association represents tech giants such as Huawei, Apple, Samsung opposing it and regarding as an exaggerated demand, which isn’t appropriate for the manufacturers.

Let’s began from the start-

The Negotiation:

At the end of August, C’t a digital magazine of Germany publishes a draft that planned for energy labels for smartphones and tablets. It contains energy efficiency, battery life, battery life, dust and water protection, and robustness-related service as narrated by the EU commission. Additionally, it’s also being discussed to display a value for reparability.

As described in the draft, the smartphone and tablets makers are obliged to send security updates for five years. Furthermore, the batteries should have a longer charging life span or will be replaceable even after three years.

Adding to this, the spare parts including batteries, cameras, microphones, connectors, and folding mechanisms (for foldable) must be available in the professional repair shop for about 5 years. Oppositely, the parts of the tablet will be for six years and the manufacture can’t raise the prices. They should also paste the energy labels of the device in addition.

7 Years security updates

However, this plan is still in review state and waiting for the opinion of other manufactures. It’s likely to implements by 2023 and the rules will be announced by 2022. The main purpose of this whole plan is to increase the longevity and reparability correspondingly making it energy efficient.

Federal Ministry’s Point of View:

As we see, it’s already challenging for the makers to implement the services, as they will surely have to suffers loss. Furthermore, the federal ministry wants to impose more harsh conditions on the providers.

The spokeswoman wants the makers to provide seven-year security updates and spare part availability. Besides, the spare parts delivery time period will be decreased to five working days. If it’ll take longer than this, then the part should be replaced instead of being repaired.

On this matter, the spokeswoman explained that the longer service and repair period will lead to lesser device replacement. Correspondingly, it’ll diminish the repair cycle and greenhouse gas emissions.

(Via- HeiseOnline)

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