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Huawei unveils 10 digital transformation solutions and flagship product series



Huawei 10 digital solutions flagship product

It’s the third day of the MWC 2024 event in Barcelona and Huawei has launched 10 digital transformation solutions for enterprises alongside a flagship product series. The company invited several global partners and consumers to join the summit.

Huawei hosted the ‘Industrial Digital and Intelligent Transformation’ Summit to foster the idea of leading digital infrastructure and boosting industrial intelligence worldwide. The tech giant further shared notable points and words on this subject.

Meanwhile, the company unveiled 10 Huawei industrial digital and intelligent transformation solutions, and a series of new flagship products to fulfill consumers’ demands and requirements at different levels and scenarios.

Ten digital and intelligent transformation solutions:

Specifically for large-scale enterprise customers looking for a variety of services with complex operations, Huawei introduced 10 effective digital solutions. The list includes:

Huawei 10 digital solutions flagship product

Huawei Digital Solution (Source: Huawei)

National Cloud Solution 2.0, Smart City, Smart Classroom 3.0, Medical Technology Digitalization, Digital Core, Intelligent Factory, Smart Airport Fully Connected Fiber Network, Perimeter Security with Fiber Sensing, Smart Railway Perimeter Detection, ITS 2.0, Intelligent Power Distribution (IDS), and Oil and Gas Pipeline Safety Management Solutions.

The company has brought in solutions for every sector of the world. Whether it is education, medicine, or small and medium industries. In addition, these solutions will help customers with cost-effectiveness, leadership, and new services.

Simply, Huawei introduced these solutions to reach small and medium-sized enterprises and help them achieve digital transformation goals. At the same time, these products count as ‘easy to buy, sell, install, maintain, learn, and use’ capabilities.

New Flagship Products Series

Apart from dynamic 10 digital solutions, Huawei showcased its flagship product series in data communications, optical networks, data storage, and lightweight converged O&M.

Consequently, the tech giant states that every consumer has their own needs and faces different challenges. Hence, it is important to build such products that can meet most of the needs in real-time and can be scenario-based, cutting-edge, green, and low-carbon affiliated.

The President of Huawei Commercial & Distribution, Enterprise Sales – Ernest Zhang says:

“Huawei will continue to work with partners, adhering to the principle of ‘shared benefits as the bridge, integrity as the foundation, and rules as the guarantee’. We will continuously optimize partner development policies, build healthy and win-win partnerships, and join hands for a shared era of success.”

Huawei 10 digital solutions flagship product

Ernest Zhang (Source: Huawei)


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