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Revolut app will soon launch on Huawei AppGallery



Huawei Revolut AppGallery

Revolut, a financial technology company will soon join the Huawei AppGallery app distributed platform. Huawei wrote that “A super-app that is globally famous is joining us soon! Are you ready” this shows how much important is the behavior of this mobile application.

Revolut is a financial technology company that offers customers a prepaid debit card for chip, contactless and online payments, and ATM withdrawals at home and abroad. The Revolut mobile app can be used to project and track spending by category (groceries, utilities, travel, etc.), merchant, and country. Revolut’s mobile app supports spending and ATM withdrawals in 120 currencies and transfers in 29 currencies directly from the app.

Currently, Huawei has not specifically confirmed such an app for the AppGallery but the teaser has shown us a related logo and related text that matches perfectly for the Revolut app.

Huawei Revolut Appgallery

AppGallery is the official app market on Huawei smartphones, featuring curated apps across a wide range of categories including games, education, lifestyle, and fashion. In addition, AppGallery users get access to a wide range of exclusive giveaways, rebates, coupons, and VIP privileges. AppGallery has over 560 million monthly active users and has partnered with 5.1 million developers.

Huawei Revolut AppGallery

Huawei and Bitrise:

Huawei AppGallery with Bitrise has previously partnered and permits users to interact with global mobile developers. The users will get have a smooth experience after the entry of a new application from a new market. It’s a win-win corporation, as Huawei AppGallery is China’s largest app distribution platform after Tencent.

Through this deploy step on Bitrise, the global developers can submit their applications to the Huawei platform and decide whether wants to draft or publish them. However, the Bitrise’s Step Library has over 330 steps currently, with each regard as a building block. Besides, the new Verified Steps include:

  • DexProtector:¬†It‚Äôs an app-hardening service of Licel that helps developers to control key processes and secure the most sensitive parts of their apps and libraries.
  • Localazy:¬†It easily translates up to 50% of an app instantly to 80+ languages
  • Appaloosa:¬†It allows the App developers to deploy their apps to testers and users at scale, and manage app versions, users, groups, and devices, all from a single interface
  • DeployGate:¬†This offers tools that make user testing and user communication easier by automating various tasks around beta testing

Indeed, this collaboration helps the Android developers to give them easy access to one of the largest marketplaces in Asia. Furthermore, the AppGallery will compensate with new mobile apps with a sign of safe and reliable user experience.

Amy is our firmware and software specialist, she keeps her eagle eyes open for new software rollouts, beta programs, and other software related activities as well as new smartphone launch.