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Red Flag smart supercharger gets OpenHarmony compatibility



Red flag supercharger openharmony

OpenSource HarmonyOS, OpenHarmony has now extended support for China’s Red Flag Smart Technology Smart Supercharger with compatibility certification of OpenHarmony 3.1.

This Smart Supercharger is a high-power DC liquid-cooled supercharger positioned in the new energy field and based on the OpenHarmony platform.

It has a Rockchip RK3568 chipset and is a smart charging station product embedded with the KaihongOS standard system, based on OpenHarmony. The chip platform has 22nm process technology and integrates 4-core ARM architecture A55 processor and Mali G52 2EE graphics processor.

Capability enhancement and research and development in terms of system framework, performance optimization, and other important tasks. It is useful for building industry customization capabilities based on industry characteristics.

This smart supercharging charging station is equipped with a 21.5-inch ultra-large, ultra-high-definition, ultra-wide-angle high-brightness display that supports 1080P.

It supports a super-bright display of up to 1000 lumens, and the interface is smooth and clear under strong outdoor light. The charging station adopts liquid-cooled supercharging technology along with a self-adaptive power-saving strategy, smart temperature control protection, voltage, and current regulation. At the same time, it is more efficient and energy-saving than traditional charging stations.

With OpenHarmony distributed soft bus, the Red Flag supercharger can break through data barriers with other electronic devices and electrical facilities to achieve interconnection.

The application side is developed based on KaihongOS, and has multiple modules such as user management, charging management, and payment management to ensure security. Also, it prevents smart overcharging features.

In addition, the charging station is also equipped with a 500W wide dynamic camera, so users can touch the operation and maintenance cloud platform with one click to resolve charging issues in real-time.

Red flag supercharger openharmony

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