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Open source HarmonyOS now supports Chinasoft data collector




Shenzhen Chinasoft International has launched a Data Collector that applied the compatibility evaluation of open source HarmonyOS, OpenHarmony 3.1 version. And this platform has received the OpenHarmony ecosystem product compatibility certificate.

ChinaSoft data collector is a smart device for real-time data collection and processing and is an important data node in the system information context.

This platform support rich peripheral interfaces such as USB, RS232, TTL, RS485, and wireless communication methods such as WIFI and BT to collect data from sub-devices, and perform data cleaning and marginalization on the collected data Classify the data business.

It then reports to the corresponding business servers through a unified protocol to realize the real-time collection, processing, and uploading of on-site device information, provides a guarantee for the authenticity, effectiveness, and real-time availability of data, timely perceive the operating status of the equipment, and efficiently manage the on-site equipment, to achieve active protection and smart management.

Based on the core technical capabilities of OpenHarmony, ChinaSoft data collectors can be easily interconnected with multiple devices, support multi-interfaces, multi-protocols, and multi-channel information collection, and support multi-dimensional data screening, real-time, efficient, accurate, and stable.

Currently, it has been successfully applied to port scenarios, and in the future, It can also be quickly expanded to multiple information collection scenarios such as manufacturing, energy, and agriculture.

Currently, there are a variety of machines and equipment in the port and other industries. The daily inspection and maintenance rely on technicians to carry out traditional sensing equipment such as noise, liquid level, vibration, and others and it is impossible to grasp the real-time status of the equipment.

Each equipment manufacturer uses an independent business system, and equipment protocol Inconsistency and data incompatibility lead to cumbersome management of multiple devices and the inability to fully control the device situation.

Chinasoft International launched the Chinasoft data collector embedded with KaihongOS, which is based on OpenHarmony.

This software focuses on solving some important issues such as messy equipment protocols, inconsistent data formats, and difficult management of multiple equipments in industry distribution scenarios, and adapting smart equipment and lightweight management.

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