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Qichacha inquiry platform completes HarmonyOS native app beta development



Qichacha HarmonyOS native app beta

China’s well-known enterprise credit inquiry platform Qichacha has now completed the HarmonyOS native app beta development. The firm has cooperated with Huawei to introduce smarter and more efficient facilities for its consumers in the region.

Qichacha is the first company to deliver business data, credit details, and analytical reports on both public and private companies to Chinese users via smartphones.

The company is led by Chinese VC investors and maintains a record of more than 100 million companies. It also has millions of daily active users and provides data-driven risk and marketing solutions to banks, sales firms, insurance sectors, and more.

While the data-inquiry platform Qichacha offers good enough services, it has now completed the HarmonyOS native app beta development and ensures the delivery of more proficient facilities to its customers in the time ahead. Huawei further says:

“Qichacha HarmonyOS NEXT Galaxy Edition will achieve faster response speed and lower resource consumption. It will provide users with accurate and efficient enterprise information queries as well as analysis services.​​​”

Qichacha HarmonyOS native app beta

Qichacha adapts to HarmonyOS native app beta (Image Credits: HarmonyOS/Weibo)

It is worth mentioning that Qichacha is the first application in the field of enterprise inquiry to adapt to the HarmonyOS NEXT-based app beta. Huawei will soon introduce more apps in this segment for a better, self-sufficient, and more stable experience.

The CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group – Yu Chengdong has confirmed the launch schedule of HarmonyOS NEXT beta for June 2024. Even though the data has yet to be confirmed, we may soon find more official details on this matter.

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