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PUBG New State get the short story All Hunters Eve and Third official trailer



PUBG New State

Krafton has confirmed by next month second alpha builds and iOS pre-registration for PUBG New State will be initiated. With the impending launch date, PUBG New State gets a new short story called – All Hunters Eve that is informing about the current events on the battlefield of Troi.

This short story is narrated by the character named Sergeant Tom Granger, a Combat Medic Specialist of the GCL (Great Lakes Coalition).

This background story revolves around a pandemic giving a horrifying feeling and correlates New State, GCL, and Mayhem- a biker gang with illegal activities that are split into three different zones of Troi, once a tourist town.

PUBG New State All Hunters Eve will let of find the feeling of being run down by midnight hunters with gleaming gold masks we often hear in stories. Overall, it’ll be really exciting to find out what a great hunt really is. However, it’s just a short glimpse of this thrilling scenario set in this new game.

PUBG New State All Hunters Eve

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Official Trailer:

Besides, the third official trailer is welcome to Troi, Once a peaceful town of PUBG New State has been released showing some part of the Troi town. Furthermore, this video also has the “IX” in one of the frames which could be releasing the date of the second alpha test of ios registration.

However, Krafon relieved it in a mysterious way and didn’t specify anything, so there could be two possible situations. First, IX indicating 9 August as the releasing data of alpha builds or iOS pre-registration. Second, IX can be the September month scheduled for the global release of the game. As of now, we should wait for clarification from the company.

Below, you can check the official video-

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