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PUBG Mobile All-Talent Championship Security Announcement



PUBG Mobile All-Talent Security Announcement

To maintain the integrity of the PUBG Mobile All-Talent Championship, the PUBG Mobile Security Team brings new security announcements for a well-protected gaming experience.

If any team or even a player is dishonoring the competition’s standards and rules, the organizers reserved the right to invalidate the entire team with heave penalization or even a ban for up to ten years.

As per the new rules, each player will be given three chances if one minute for each to do a security inspection before entering the match. If the team passes all checks at once then can enter the tournament room but if fail all three attempts it’ll block you from entering the room.

Players are required to be aware of the following rules and can avoid mistakes during the tournament

PUBG Mobile All-Talent Security Announcements:

  1. The use of rooted, jailbroken, and emulator devices are prohibited during the tournament
  2. Players can’t use other software that has any kind of increasing capability feature such as debugging and modification functions
  3. If you already have such kind of software, you have to uninstall it before entering the contest
  4. The “Allow spectators” option will be turned off by default to prevent cheating
  5. Players are recommended to use a strong network connection
  6. Any installation package must be downloaded from the authorized store
  7. If any player is found to have a cheating record, he’ll never be able to take part in All-Talent Tournament
  8. Before entering the game make sure your device is normal and satisfies all the above-mentioned conditions

Make sure not to violate any conditions or you’ll be punished with a heavy ban for the whole ten years. Play fair and safe because the inspection team will randomly validate the tournament records, and it can affect your entire result of this competition and if found to be wrong, you’ll aging slipped to ground zero with no ongoing record.

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