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PSA: Huawei P50 is the first to install HarmonyOS 3.0 stable update



Huawei P50 HarmonyOS 3.0 developer update

HarmonyOS 3.0 interface is just a few days away from its launch. Yet, it has already made huge excitement among Huawei fans. Now here comes more interesting news for the P50 smartphone users. Huawei has pushed off the HarmonyOS 3.0 developer update for the flagship model of the P series – Huawei P50.

Undoubtedly, this has created more hustle and bustle in the minds of users as to what surprising features the Huawei P50 HarmonyOS 3.0 developer updates carriers in its pocket. Moreover, users might be thinking of when the other handsets will gain the alluring operating system.

So let’s understand this developer theory bit by bit

Huawei P50 HarmonyOS 3.0 Developer Update

Starting with the changelog, the developer update for the standard P50 phone brings fresh changes to the internal system. On the flip side, it gives a new look to the device that has been remaining stagnant for a long time.

The latest firmware makes the HarmonyOS desktop more personalized for users. Now you can generate smart layouts for the desktop in just one tap. On the other hand, it adds the support for universal card stacking and storage to the device.

This term might be new to the ears. Generally, this function allows you to drag cards of the same size to set up a stacking position on the desktop. You can further, combine multiple cards, or build up a shortcut inside it. Consequently, these combined cards are resizable and can easily attach to a template.

Huawei P50 HarmonyOS 3.0 developer update

In this list of features, another fascinating element is the Smart Folders. This attribute enables the user to enlarge or compress the folders accordingly. Moreover, it accompanies the smart layout function for the desktop that can identify applications and cards with their color and function.

Coming to the all-scenario smart life, the new operating system will let you connect two pairs of Bluetooth headsets at the same time. Now, you and your friend, both can enjoy a single song with two earphones.

In comparison to previous builds, this time, Huawei has implemented new enhancements to the privacy and security section. Users will find a simpler yet strengthful system that won’t allow any malware to enter the cores of the device.

Although, we are not well aware of which device will be next in gaining the developer update. But we could assume that the handset might be from the list of the first batch of HarmonyOS 3.0 devices.

Huawei P50 HarmonyOS 3.0 developer update


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