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PSA: Huawei P40 Pro+ supports 40W Wireless SuperCharge



Wireless charging allows you to charge your mobile devices quickly and dropping your device that charging pad without any cables.

Wireless charging is adopted by smartphones maker for quite a time but with Huawei Mate 30 series introduced a new revolution in wireless charging technology with a new 27W charger. Within 30 minutes the charging pad provides close to a 50% battery level.

With Huawei P40 Pro+ the company introduced a new 40W Wireless Huawei SuperCharge that is a massive improvement over its 27W charger. On the other hand, both Huawei P40 Pro and P40 Pro+ support 40W wired charging as well as improved wireless reverse charging.

Also, Huawei P40 Pro supports only 27W wireless superfast charging and doesn’t support 40W, which is only supported by the “Plus” model.

Note: 40W wireless charger will be sold separately.

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