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Pixel 7 Pro Double-Tap feature broke after Android 13 QPR1 Beta 3 upgrade



Pixel 7 Pro Double-Tap Android 13 Beta

Android 13 QPR1 beta 3 is rolling for the Pixel smartphones but it looks like the firmware isn’t worth upgrading. The latest information reveals that a Pixel 7 Pro user cannot use the Double-Tap feature after installing the Android 13 Beta 3 update.

It’s been a week since Google released the respective update for its Pixel devices. Besides, this rollout was particularly for the Pixel 7 phones. But instead of benefits, the users are dealing with some severe issues on their devices.

Recently, a user reported that his Pixel 7 Pro Double-Tap feature isn’t responding after the Android 13 QPR1 Beta 3 upgrade. Though it was all good before the beta installation. Yet, after the update procedure, the feature stopped working.

“I have the Gesture – Double-Tap, back of my Pixel 7 Pro device to open the camera app. It worked fine before I added the beta and I thought it was still working. But the next day, when I swapped to a new phone case, the Double-Tap does nothing.”

The user immediately removed new cover to check whether the problem was with the phone or the case. Yet, the Double-Tap feature didn’t work.

Pixel 7 Pro Double-Tap Android 13 Beta

On the other hand, the user tried tapping the phone’s back without the cover. Moreover, he altered the Gesture’s settings and reset the feature. But even after several attempts, the respective feature remained stagnant.

After this incident, many users appeared on the forum to discuss the issue. While some users were facing the same defect, a few users said that everything is alright with their Pixel & device.

Many more such issues:

It’s not the first time when the issue surfaced on Android 13 QPR1 beta 3 updates. So far, we come across many users confronting some or the other issue after the respective upgrade. Perhaps, the company hasn’t uttered any word on this matter. Let’s see whether this is the last beta rollout or if the company will release more beta updates to fix these issues.

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