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Android Earthquake alerts appears to be better



Android Earthquake alerts iPhone

Google improved Android to the simplified user interface with new features including Android Earthquake alerts, which seems better than other devices including iPhones.

Android Earthquake alerts system is one of the reflective features that came into existence in 2020. As the name says, it helps in detecting an earthquake around the world and alerts users before shaking begins. And the two-year-old feature still works effectively.

A recent incident shows that Android Earthquake Alerts are more efficient. According to the information, users near San Jose, California experienced a 5.1 magnitude earthquake on October 25.

And to our surprise, Android Earthquake Alerts have passed this disastrous circumstance with flying colors. The respective feature was capable of informing Android users about the earthquake 10-15  seconds before the shock waves.

Although time isn’t enough to manage everything, it can easily prepare a person to shelter themselves. In the aftermath of the situation, several users appeared on social media showing their gratitude towards Google and Android Earthquake Alerts.

More on this, Google’s Vice President of Engineering for Android – Dave Burke shared a short clip on Twitter illustrating how Android devices serve as mini seismometers during earthquakes.

How Android Earthquake Alerts are better than iPhones?

It’s worth mentioning that both Android and iPhone devices have earthquake detection capability on their surface. Yet, many users believe that Android Earthquake Alerts in Android is better in comparison to any other gadget.

Why? Well, the reason is, Android devices alert you regarding the disaster several moments faster than iPhones. In other words, your Android phone will discover the danger before you feel the waves. As a result, you get enough seconds to cover yourself or move to a safer place.

Meanwhile, iPhone detection capability is quite slow and the outcomes appear a little late. Various California residents described that Android phones have notified about the shock waves earlier. Whereas, iPhone users received the notifications after the shock waves already begin.

Android Earthquake alerts iPhone

Android Earthquake Alert features have helped several times

Yes, it’s not the first time when Android Earthquake feature has played better. A similar situation has arisen last year in the Philippines, where the feature proved a life saver.

The feature is quite efficient and provides impressive results at times of requirement. Unlike iPhone functionality, Android Earthquake Alert System does not delay and gives an accurate sign of nearing danger.

How to access this feature?

For this capability, Google has associated with ShakeAlert cooperation in California, Oregon, and Washington to implement it on Android phones.

You can follow the below-given instructions to enable this feature on your smartphones:

  • Open the Settings menu
  • Go to the Safety and Emergency section
  • Select the Earthquake Alerts

Notably, the feature is not available in every region across the world. Though Google is trying to push off the respective capability in every corner of the globe. Yet, you can tap HERE to check on the compatible regions.

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