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Nova 12 series sales lead Huawei to first place in Chinese smartphone market



Huawei Nova 12 sales Chinese smartphone market

Huawei appears at the first spot in the Chinese smartphone market within a week of Nova 12 series sales. This time, consumers seemed more interested in the newly launched smartphone lineup than the flagship Mate 60 series.

A Weibo blogger has recently shared the estimation of the Chinese smartphone market sales in the first week of 2024. Gladly, Huawei was standing at the top with 19.20 percent market share and pushed Apple to the third position with 16.40%.

The second place is secured by Vivo with 16.70% whereas, Honor is at the fourth spot followed by Xiaomi, OPPO, and other smartphone vendors. It is worth mentioning that Huawei made this achievement with the help of the Nova 12 series sales in the Chinese smartphone market.

Notably, the estimation is quite accurate with the previous revelations that said the Huawei Nova 12 series is selling well in the home ground, bringing the company to a favorable spot in the market.

Huawei Nova 12 sales Chinese smartphone market

Accordingly, the Huawei Mate 60 series is still carrying the ‘out of stock’ tag. However, the new Nova 12 series left no stone unturned to draw customers’ attention with its enriched features and high-end capabilities.

Earlier, a tipster noted that Huawei is gradually boosting the shipment of the Mate 60 series and the device would be available for purchase before the New Year. Though the overall volume increase would take some time to reach up to the mark.

But it looks like the absence of the Mate 60 lineup from the native market for a while won’t affect the sales revenue of the company. Thanks to the Nova 12 series equipped with the Kirin 5G chipsets and amazing functions.

Huawei Nova 12 series:

The three most important aspects that make the Nova 12 lineup a dynamic product are: eye-catching design aesthetics, Kirin chips, and features like dual front-facing camera and satellite connectivity.

Besides, the 6.76-inch OLED panel aims to provide a better visual experience and touch feedback to users. Ahead, the device packs a 4600mAh battery with 100W fast charging support.


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