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North Korea imports second-hand Huawei equipment to launch 4G services



North Korea Huawei equipment 4G services

Huawei is well-known for its network solutions worldwide and to benefit from it, North Korea imported second-hand Huawei equipment to upgrade from 3G to 4G services. This move will help the nation to experience powerful and more efficient network facilities.

As per the information, a network upgrade has been awaited in North Korea for a long time. However, things are finally in action to bring better upload as well as download facilities. On the greener side, the new Huawei kit will unlock strong network capabilities for consumers.

The inputs further reveal that North Korea has imported second-hand LTE base station equipment from Huawei to switch from 3G to 4G services in six major cities. The country has a population of 26.2 million out of which only 28.3% carry phone connection.

Eventually, to enrich the network operations, North Korea implemented 4G facilities using Huawei’s secondary network equipment. And the results are quite positive. Many users said that the network signal runs effectively without trouble with lags or buffers when surfing or watching videos.

North Korea Huawei equipment 4G services

Although, the network used to diminish as consumers shifted away from the base station. As a result, the authorities aim to plant 4G coverage throughout the country for optimized signal. In addition, it plans to build over 80% of cell towers by 2025.

With the help of Huawei equipment, the country is replacing its aged repeaters, remote monitors, radio transmission, and other components from the capital – Pyongyang, Nampo, Pyongsong, Sariwon, Wonsan, and Hamhung. Meanwhile, the country will soon deploy more base stations for a stable experience.


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