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Huawei considers Turkey a beneficial country to enhance China-Europe relations



Huawei Turkey China-Europe relations

Huawei recently mentioned that it sees Turkey as a beneficial gateway for the expansion of China-Europe relations. The tech giant kept this point during the China-Europe Leadership Forum in Beijing and cited some more points on this subject.

According to the information, Huawei organized a dedicated section at the event named ‘Turkiye: New Destination for Investments”. From the term, the Chinese company points out that it considers Turkey as one of the significant countries to stretch its business in Europe.

In addition, the chief commercial counselor of the Turkey Embassy in Beijing – Atakan Ozdemir described how the geographical conditions of Turkey prove fruitful for Chinese companies.

Turkey is well-known for its extensive land transportation, developed ports, and systematic infrastructures that link to Europe. Meanwhile, the free trade agreements that are not bound to any regulations can easily help Huawei to continue their business the Europe.

Huawei Turkey China-Europe relations

On the flip side, Turkey offers products and equipment at a more affordable price than the overseas market which is again a plus point for Huawei. So far, the country has signed free trade agreements with around 28 countries.

Huawei is constantly meeting new partners that can help the company to firm its legs in the global market. Consequently, Turkey will act as a beneficial step for Huawei to enrich China-Europe relations and increase its business revenue in the region.


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