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[Update: Nokia Reply] Nokia and HarmonyOS: Upcoming Nokia X60 smartphones to feature Huawei operating system, says a report




In a reply to Chinese media, Nokia confirmed that it’ll continue to use Android. Read more

Original Story:

Since the launch of Huawei HarmonyOS 2, more and more news surfacing online related to the adaptation of this new operating system in third-party smartphones. Still, the big tech maker such as Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo remains out of the league on this matter.

However, once a smartphone giant, Nokia has been reportedly working on new phones, Nokia X60 and X60 Pro. This duo is scheduled to launch later this year and the most interesting part of this report mentions that these devices will be powered by HarmonyOS operating system.

The report further says that Nokia is planning to adopt the HarmonyOS ecosystem, and if everything goes smoothly, the Nokia X60 could be the first smartphone lineup to come with HarmonyOS operating system.

For smartphone makers such as Nokia, which have been using stock Android, the arrival of HarmonyOS in its smartphone could be proven as a big opportunity and a turning point in smartphone sales volume.

Talking about the device, the report suggests that the Nokia X60 has heavy flagship specs. As the phone could sport a curved edge display, packed with a 6000mAh battery, and a super high-quality 200MP camera lens.

Apart from these, the phone could come with a number of new features as well as new capabilities coupled with the HarmonyOS operating system alongside the 5G experience.

No official confirmation:

The specs of the device are quite flagship and we cannot confirm this report no we can deny it. However, everyone should wait for an official announcement or further lead to get more insights on this subject.

HarmonyOS 2:

HarmonyOS 2 is a brand new operating system and provides a seamless user experience across different device platforms with the help of distributed capability.

HarmonyOS has a brand new user interface that makes it better than other operating systems and allows users to get the best user experience out of this software system. However, Huawei is currently expanding the reach of the HM OS and it’s yet to enter among global consumers.

Check all of the HarmonyOS features linked below:

HarmonyOS Features: Control Panel, Super Device, Service Center, App Gestures, Task Center, Widgets and more

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