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New Huawei GFY-AL00 phone gets 3C certificate with 22.5W charging



Huawei GFY-AL00 phone 3C certificate

A mysterious Huawei 4G phone with model number GFY-AL00 recently received the 3C certificate. The listing doesn’t reveal the detailed specs or parameters of the new device but points out the charging and network connectivity aspects.

The 3C certificate shows that the Huawei GFY-AL00 phone supports 22.5W wired charging. It has specified power format as 5VDC 2A/ 9VDC 2A/ 10VDC 2.25A MAX.

Huawei GFY-AL00 model is categorized under TD-LTE digital mobile phone, which means the new device is capable of running 4G network technology. It further indicates that the phone could be a budget-friendly or mid-range product.

The overall details hint the new Huawei 4G phone belongs to the Enjoy series. However, the news is still not confirmed and we have to wait for some official inputs.

Huawei GFY-AL00 phone 3C certificate

Huawei GFY-AL00 phone gets 3C certificate (Image Credits: ITHome)

Huawei Enjoy 70 Series:

The Chinese tech giant has unveiled three models in the Enjoy 70 series including the base version, Enjoy 70 Pro, and Enjoy 70z. All three handsets vary in terms of specifications and design. The only common layer is the Kirin processor.

Another similarity is HarmonyOS 4.0 which welcomes a set of exciting features and capabilities. Users can observe several tools related to the user interface, security, privacy, battery, performance efficiency, and other key aspects of the device.

At the same time, Huawei is reportedly working on a sub-brand named Xingyao (Shine) which is hearsay to focus on the low-to-mid-range product market. You can check two of the alleged models from this brand below:

Huawei GFY-AL00 phone 3C certificate

Image Credits: Huawei Central

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