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New Honor and Huawei phones are putting pressure on Apple: Honor CEO



Honor CEO, Zhao Ming Comparison Magic VS2 with iPhone 15 series

Honor CEO, Zhao Ming said in an interview that new Honor and Huawei phones are putting pressure on Apple to innovate more and keep its core dominance in the market.

Zhao’s latest comment on Apple came after a smartphone press conference on Thursday in China, in which, he revealed its third foldable phone in a single year. Honor chief praised his company’s progress in terms of competition in the smartphone industry. He also took a question a question on Huawei, Honor’s former parent company.

Honor had just begun to meet Huawei at its peak because of Huawei’s return with the Huawei Mate 60 series, which is making robust business within a month of release.

Honor CEO, Zhao Ming Comparison Magic VS2 with iPhone 15 series

Era of Innovation:

Zhao Ming pointed out that each smartphone company has its own path to innovation. Therefore, Huawei and Honor will be interlocked to succeed alternatively in the smartphone industry.

But he also acknowledged that Apple’s dominant position still remains in effect. So, He said all three of these phone makers – Honor, Huawei, and Apple will have time to show their innovation strength in the Chinese smartphone market.

Honor CEO mentioned that new innovations will accelerate the growth of the entire smartphone industry. Therefore, Zhao wants Apple to raise its game with new features and more offerings for consumers.

He made an example out of this year’s iPhone 15 lineup, saying that there are no changes in these new phones. But Zhao is optimistic about the iPhone 16 series being meaningful for next year.

Meanwhile, the launch of devices such as the Huawei Mate 60 series and Honor Magic Vs2 foldable phone is already creating pressure on Apple, expressed Zhao Ming.

“The time for Apple’s mobile phone market share leadership will become shorter,” Zhao added.

He once again criticized the market strategy of sitting back in success but called Honor a “challenger” to such strategies. Thus remaining active and aggressive is the new motive of Honor, according to Zhao Ming.

Zhao concludes by saying that to become the strongest challenger to Huawei and Apple, Honor must strive for continued development and innovation.

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