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New AITO M7 SUV will launch in September, confirms Huawei CEO



Aito M7 SUV launch

Today, Huawei Smart Car Business CEO, Yu Chengdong announced the launch of the new AITO Wenjie M7 SUV for September. AITO is a collaborative brand between Huawei and Chinese EV maker – SERES, the company already has a version of AITO Wenjie M7 in action.

The Huawei Car Chief said that whether it is driving or sitting up, the new Wenjie M7 has a qualitative improvement and leap forward, and its excellent vision and performance are suitable for a long-distance trip for a family.

Yu Chengdong also mentioned that the brand has invested over 100 million yuan (13.6 million USD) to create a new design and upgrade both interior as well as exterior for a better user experience.

New AITO M7 SUV September

The seats are much softer than before and come with comfortable sitting arrangements. The oversized trunk is more than enough for 5 people’s large suitcases and accompanying materials, and there could be more to offer in the storage space.

The new car is also focusing on safety and reliability, which ramped up the entire investment in this car up to 500 million yuan (79.7 million USD).

Currently, there are no specific dates available for the launch of the new AITO Wenjie M7 SUV, but September is the next month, in which, we’ll witness its unveiling.

(source – Weibo)

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