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MIUI 15 and MIUI 16 to succeed 64-bit app for Xiaomi phones




The industry is moving towards the 64-bit apps ecosystem and Xiaomi’s upcoming MIUI 15 may also do the same. It’s reported that MIUI 15 and MIUI 16 could be an implementation of this robust app architecture in Xiaomi smartphones.

Xiaomiui reports that MIUI 15 will drop support for 32-bit apps in Xiaomi phones. This will lead appropriately to enabling the 64-bit app requirements in the next version.

Google, Huawei, and other companies are pursuing the 64-bit app architecture in the app ecosystem. As 32-bit apps will not be entertained by ARM sooner or later.

Since Xiaomi runs the Android operating system and uses ARM-based chipsets, it must also apply the same rules and it already has announced to transition over 64-bit for all of the apps in teh past.

64-bit apps provide better performance than 32-bit apps. The benefits include fast resource loading, optimized user experience, and less power consumption. Read more about our article below on why phone makers including Huawei are making this change.

Paving a way to adapt 64-bit apps in Xiaomi devices with upcoming MIUI 15 or 16 will add new layer of user experience for Xiaomi phones.

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