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Mine HarmonyOS operating system launched by Huawei, first in the industry



Mine HarmonyOS

On September 14, Huawei launched the Mine HarmonyOS operating system (HarmonyOS for Mining Industry). This is the first time when Huawei has opened HarmonyOS for business and enabled its industrial use cases with a commercial version. This is a significant development and we need to explore more of what it means and what is Mine HarmonyOS operating system and why it is launched.

According to the information, Huawei Coal Mine Corps and National Energy Group have created an industry-first HarmonyOS Mining system application and named it “Kuanghone” (translated). Mine Hongmeng (Mine HarmonyOS) brings the same connected features to the mining field as it works on consumer devices.

With Mine HarmonyOS, the company wants to break the barrier between the agreements and equipment, and bring services for the digital and intelligent transformation of the coal industry for prosperity.


Huawei Coal Mine Corp:

This new Huawei subsidiary was established in March this year. Senior vice president of Huawei – Zou Zhilei took the chair as the chairman of Coal Mine Corp. The company has the vision to enable intelligent connected technologies to the mining industry.

To do this, Huawei is working with its industry partners to create a powerful smart mine solution that includes safety, consumes less Human resources, and is energy efficient.


Smart Mining Challenge and Solutions:

He pointed out that the current development of smart mines faces many challenges consisting:

  • Weak digital infrastructure requires supplementary lessons, industrial software, especially R&D tool software, is stuck, and low-end production equipment and industrial control system upgrades require new technology empowerment;
  • At the connection level, the connection of production equipment has not been opened up, the agreement is seven countries and eight systems, the cost of collecting data is high, and a large amount of data is isolated.
  • Fragmentation of industrial scenes, lack of high value-added applications, and weak corporate R&D capabilities.
  • The demographic dividend is gradually reduced, and production capacity has shifted to quality first, green manufacturing, R&D innovation, and high-end intelligent manufacturing.

Zou believes that smart mining is a combination of two industries of technology and mining. While only, a unified industrial internet platform can solve any issues in the industry system and construction structure.

HarmonyOS mining system

Huawei’s Smart Mining Solution:

Huawei has adopted a layered approach for its mining solution that different architecture based on Huawei Cloud and the Mining ecosystem to mix up and form intelligent coal mining.

The solution covers Minhong Internet of Things, industrial bearer networks, cloud infrastructure, digital platforms, and mining applications. Among them, Kuanghong builds the base of the unified interface and unified data format of the mine, laying the foundation of smart mining.

Zou said the past 10 years of evolution in the mobile internet will gonna happen in the industrial internet in the future. HarmonyOS’s applications have the potential to exceed expectations and they’ll become the foundation of the next generation of the industrial internet.

“Huawei’s entry in the mining field will not cover the world, nor does it want to control the industry, instead it will adopt an integrated (Huawei Inside) model,” said Zou.

Huawei coal mine business chief said, the construction of smart mining solutions requires openness and win-win complementary advantages, Huawei will work with partners to build a smart mining ecosystem.

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