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Messenger Lite for Android is shutting down in September



Messenger Lite Android shutting down

Meta is shutting down its Messenger lite app for Android users in September this year. The company gave this information officially to the app itself.

On the opening screen, the app now shows a “use Messenger to keep chatting” prompt. Messenger Lite will no longer be available after September 18. There will be no impact on conversation history: “We know your chats are important to you, so everything from Messenger Lite is still available in Messenger.”.

Additionally, the app’s listing is now removed from the Play Store but you can still load it from third-party sources.

Facebook launched Messenger Lite as a low-resource mobile application, which is designed for low-end devices. The concept for this is simple, it cuts down complicated services and brings down a simple and easy-to-render UI. Thus making it efficient for low-memory devices.

Currently, there’s no specific reason available for this change but it’s certain that the company no longer prefers low-end smartphones and Android devices for this messaging capability.

Messenger Lite Android shutting down

(Source – 9to5Google)

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