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MediaTek comments on Huawei chip and US supply permission



MediaTek Dimensity 1000+

The news of Huawei chip manufacturing is circling over the internet and its former partner – MediaTek has also commented on this the current development made by the Chinese tech maker as well as the current supply chain status.

In a recent briefing, MediaTek Chairman and CEO, Rick Tsai was asked by the media about Huawei’s current plans to build a 5G chipset with SMIC. Tsai replied that Huawei’s chip performance is still far away from its own, and he doesn’t see Huawei posing any challenge to the company in the current aspect.

On the other hand, he also attends a question on MediaTek chip supplies to Huawei. On that, he emphasized that MediaTek has not received US government approval to sell chipsets to the company.

Aside from Huawei, Tsai also talked about current business conditions. He said shipments and market share in the flagship mobile phone market are steadily increasing. This year, no matter what part of the market, MediaTek’s market share is above 20%. It is expected that the overall mobile phone demand will continue to grow.

Tsai also shared that the chipmaker is preparing to unveil the third generation of flagship chipset for the smartphone industry. Furthermore, Tsai added that the new chipset is optimized with AI technologies for smartphones to provide better computing performance.


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