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Latest Telegram update overhaul payments, adds scheduled voice chats, and more



Telegram is one of the most private and secure messaging apps with a huge number of users. Additionally, it supports stickers, GIFs, photo and video editing, group chats, and more.

To maintain its popularity, Telegram developers work tirelessly on features that users are waiting for. Usually, Telegram delivered new features update every few months and now another version has started rolling out.

The latest update brings new improvements to its payments and voice chats scheduling and more. Let check in a bit of detail and find out what they actually bring.

Latest Changelog:

Payments 2.0:

• Offer real goods and services for sale in any group, channel, or bot – Telegram doesn’t charge a commission.
• Pay for goods securely using one of the 8 integrated payment providers – Telegram doesn’t collect your payment info.

Scheduled Voice Chats:

• Schedule voice chats to let participants know about them in advance.
• View a countdown to the voice chat and get notified when it starts.

New Web Versions

• Try two new, fully-featured versions of Telegram Web – both supporting animated stickers, dark mode, chat folders, and more

Let’s a detailed look at new features:

Firstly, Telegram is modernizing its existing payment system and expanding the previous bots paradigm to allow payments to happen in any chat. Additionally, payments are now possible from “any” Telegram app, not just the mobile ones.

To make sure that everyone is secure and protected while allowing businesses to choose their preferred provider. In this line, Telegram supports eight different payment processors, including Stripe, Yandex.Money, and Tranzzo.

Users always make sure that during using these third-party providers that Telegram “takes no commission, and stores no payment information.”

Secondly, Telegram is also improving voice chats and allows the users to schedule chats for a specific date and time as well as can give others a heads up of your plan to go live.

Adding to this, a voice chat reminder countdown clock is visible when a chat is scheduled, and anyone in the group can receive a push notification when it starts.

Thirdly, Telegram adding two new, fully-featured Telegram web apps – both supporting animated stickers, dark mode, chat folders, and more. With the new web versions, you can get instant access to your chats on any device – desktop or mobile.

Take them for a test drive, and see which one you like best:


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