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Latest HarmonyOS features rolling out for 14 Huawei old flagship models



HarmonyOS 14 old flagship devices

Since June, Huawei is working on HarmonyOS 2.0 software update rollout for a variety of devices including over 100 models that have been selected under the roadmap. The company first started the beta testing on smartphones, followed by the public and stable rollout.

Although, HarmonyOS has been a major focus of the Huawei consumers for the past few months but it doesn’t seem to be ready for the global markets. Therefore, Huawei has decided to put EMUI 12 on the list. According to the information, the company has confirmed EMUI 12 as the next major software update for global smartphone owners.

Aside from EMUI 12, Huawei has nearly completed the HarmonyOS operating system upgrade on all of the eligible smartphones in China. These devices include two of the most prominent old flagship – the Huawei Mate 9 and the P10 series.

The Huawei P10 and Mate 9 have been cherished and procured with new features under the HarmonyOS rollout. The latest HarmonyOS software has revamped the entire user interface and software experience for these two lineups and provided a harmonious UI/UX design that wasn’t available before.

Although, it’s not easy to comprehend, why Huawei has kept Huawei Mate 9 and P10 devices out of EMUI 12’s upgrade plan. However, we remain optimistic and will wait to see, what Huawei has to offer.

In the latest development, Huawei has started to roll out a new HarmonyOS update for the 14 Huawei models that consist of the two old flagship – Huawei Mate 9, P10 as well as P20 Pro in the Chinese market.

In terms of changelog, the latest HarmonyOS update for these 14 Huawei old flagship models bring the latest features in the service center, widgets, system, security, display, Celia Keyboard, and more. Below you can check all of the models and their corresponding update changelog.

HarmonyOS 14 Huawei old flagship

HarmonyOS home screen Mate 9

14 Huawei Devices HarmonyOS October 2021 update:

  1. Mate 9 – MHA-AL00
  2. Mate 9 – MHT-TL00
  3. Mate 9 Pro – LON-AL00
  4. Mate 9 Porsche Design – LON-AL00
  5. P10 – VTR-AL00
  6. P10 – VTR-TL00
  7. P10 Plus – VKY-AL00
  8. P10 Plus – VKY-AL00
  9. P10 Plus – VKY-TL00
  10. P20 Pro – CLT-AL00
  11. P20 Pro – CLT-AL01
  12. P20 Pro – CLT-AL00I
  13. P20 Pro – CLT-TL00
  14. P20 Pro – CLT-AL01

Huawei Mate 9 and P10 HarmonyOS

  • App Guard: The App Guard mode is enabled by default, to ensure that all apps subject deep scans for malicious behavior, security vulnerabilities, privacy risks, and other related behaviors while being installed. This prevents risky apps from being installed while helping safeguard the secure running environment of the entire system.
  • Service Widget: Added support for cameras and the gallery app, slide up the app icon to generate a card, you can select the card size, drag to change the position, change the personality of the desktop.
  • System: Added a feedback assistant app for you to feedback the version of the problem in time.
  • Display: Optimized part of the interface Display effect
  • System: Optimize the system stability optimization of some situation

Huawei P20 Pro  – HarmonyOS

  • Service Center: In the service center (swipe up from the left or bottom-right edge of the screen to enter), add a scene-based service combination on the “Discover” tab and add it to the desktop to automatically adapt to the service widget and one-click access to similar services.
  • Input method: Added quick download icon of Celia keyboard app (click to download and use directly), Celia Keyboard can bring you a simple and safe input experience.
  • System: Added size adjustment function for home screen icon (settings) Path: Settings>Home Screen and wallpaper>Home Screen settings, Settings>Icon size)
  • Display: Fix the problem of abnormal display of some home screen icons.
  • Security: Integrates into the security patch of September 2021 to enhance the security of the mobile phone system.

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