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Kirin chip rumored to use in BYD cars



Huawei Kirin

It’s rumored that Huawei HiSilicon and China’s largest car maker, BYD have reached an agreement on using HiSilicon automotive Kirin chip in cars.

The latest input is coming from Chinese media, which indicates this new partnership. The first chip under this partnership could be the Kirin 710A. It is an octa-core processor made with SMIC’s 14nm processed chip. The company has produced this chip in hours in China and doesn’t rely upon foreign tech.

The report also stated that this cooperation is a direct cooperation between HiSilicon, a company owned by Kirin, and BYD. BYD has obtained Kirin’s chip technology documents and has begun development.

Although, Huawei is already in partnership for smart car solutions with BYD but we can’t take this report as final. Therefore, we need to wait for an official stamp on the use of Kirin chip in BYD cars.


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