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Huawei global Wearable Strategy and New Product Launch set for September 14, ‘Fashion Froward’



Huawei Wearable Strategy and New Product Launch

Today, Huawei will hold a global “Wearable Strategy and New Product Launch” event on September 14th with the theme of “Fashion Forward”. The company will host the event in Barcelona, Spain.

This is quite a surprising event for global customers and the image suggests that the new product will be in the wearable category. Their dial indicates new frame has options with stylish and trendy themes.

According to Huawei, the company will launch a new Watch GT smartwatch at the event and it could be the Huawei Watch GT 4. The work done in the appearance of the Huawei Watch GT 4 may be the key selling point. However, there’s more that we need to wait.

Huawei Wearable Strategy and New Product Launch

Meanwhile, Huawei customers in Germany have a chance to win the Huawei P60 Pro by participating in the newsletter event until September 13th.

Huawei Watch GT 4 could be a big trendsetter for the smartwatch enthusiast because the Watch GT series has been a popular wearable around the globe. Therefore, the Huawei Wearable Strategy and New Product Launch conference stand a chance to unveil some good wearable devices.

The launch promo doesn’t indicate any smartphone release, and it is likely to focus only on wearable devices. However, we can’t rule out any possibilities at the moment.

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