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Hybrid technology of Huawei AITO M5 SUV is backward: Weipai CEO



Huawei AITO M5 Hybrid Technology

Recently, Huawei brought the large and super-agile SUV – AITO M7 into the midst of its consumers. Undoubtedly, the Chinese manufacturer has featured some extraordinary elements in the vehicle. But a new customer with Huawei AITO M5 questions the hybrid technology of the company.

According to sources, the CEO of Weipai, Li Ruifeng, has recently posted a statement on Weibo. The sentence highlights the Huawei AITO M5 SUV along with the term hybrid technology. As per the Wei brand, these new generation smart vehicles are imposed on those mechanisms that are way backward.

The whole debate scenario took along when Huawei’s CEO uttered the following words on social media, “the improvement and popularization of charging piles will take time, and the extended-range model is currently the most suitable new energy vehicle mode”

Huawei AITO M5 Hybrid Technology

In reply, the CEO continues his opposition to the AITO M5 by posting the car key and purchase invoice. According to him, there are several other cars such as Smart DHT, that are using far better technologies.

“Blacksmithing also needs to be hard on its own. It is an industry consensus that the program-added hybrid technology is backward. Smart DHT is a better new energy technology in the world. Yu Chengdong said that the extended range car is not advanced enough and is nonsense”

It looks like, the personality is trying to prove that his DHT-PHEV tech vehicle is a much more upgraded version of automobiles than AITO.

Hybrid Technology is important!

Although, Huawei CEO, Yu Chengdong does not agree with Li’s statements. He clearly states that a car without extended range or any hybrid technology is just a pure electric vehicle. On the other hand, techs like hybrid mechanisms give a defined structure to the product.

By seeing the booking reports, it doesn’t seem that the AITO M7 SUV is getting down in the market. Instead, it is a new and tough competitor among other automobile firms. Let’s see where this debate turns around in the time ahead.


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