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2022 Huawei Developer Competition in progress, registration opens



2022 Huawei Developer Competition

Huawei has begun calling its developers to participate in the 2022 Huawei Developer Competition. This event is arising with the Spark Infinity theme that ultimately encourages the initiators to bring up their innovative ideas to the platform.

The 2022 edition of the Huawei Developer Competition arrives with a Cloud foundation track. Besides, the contest is open to six countries including China, Aisa Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East, Europe, and Africa (Sub-Saharan & North Africa).

Surprisingly, the event also has some alluring prizes for the winners. According to the information, the organizers are providing a total pool prize of 2.2 million yuan (0.32 million USD) for the cloud foundation track. On the flip side, the company is also offering an unlimited number of Huawei Cloud resource vouchers to the developers.

Consequently, these vouchers will open the doors to new learnings and Huawei Cloud developer certifications. Further, the participants can try to develop commercial success with the help of Huawei Cloud platforms. For instance, store KooGallery, monetization and profitability, Startup Program, multi-facet cooperation, and more.

Thus, we can say that the competition brings immense benefits to the developers. So, if you are a person who is truly passionate about new creations and innovations, then you must step into this challenge.

2022 Huawei Developer Competition

Huawei Developer Competition: Details

The registry entries for this event has begun on June 15 and will go on till September 2022. Thereafter, the juries will evaluate the submission on the basis of technical architecture, functional completeness, innovation, business prospects, and more.

Furthermore, there will be four rounds: Submission, Preliminary, Semi-Finals, and Finals. The individual who will successfully clear all the rounds will receive the grand pool prize.

The motto of this competition!

This contest aims to deliver full access to technical knowledge in several industrial areas to the developers. Alternatively, it will cover and focus on different aspects of technologies. Such as Cloud Application Innovation, World Challenges, Code for Outer Space, Autonomous Vehicles, and more.

You can read and sign up for the competition HERE.

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