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iOS 17 StandBy like feature will look good in Huawei phones



iOS 17 standby huawei

During the annual WWDC 2023, Apple launched iOS 17 with the StandBy feature, which would also look good on Huawei phones running EMUI or HarmonyOS.

iOS 17 brings StandBy mode, which enables a full view of the screen with a user interface and glanceable information. This could be viewed and enabled automatically when the phone is charging and has a landscape orientation.

This feature makes it look good whenever you put the phone on a nightstand, kitchen counter, or desk. Standby supports personalization with a range of different clock styles, and photo albums.

The personalization also extends to smart stacks, which fetch suitable widgets off-screen. Standby mode can also show live activities, Siri, incoming calls, and large notifications to make it super useful. Also, the large viewing angle makes it visible from a distance.

iOS 17 standby huawei

With MagSafe, the phone automatically starts the user’s preferred landscape view. This feature will fires up anytime by tapping on the screen and on the always-on display (AOD) on iPhone 14 Pro.

iOS 17 standby huawei

Yeah, an iOS 17 Standby feature for Huawei phones will improve user experience but we don’t know if the tech maker will adopt such a change for its devices.

However, with an added creative approach, Huawei can make it even more productive.


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