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EMUI 14 should bring battery widget



EMUI 14 battery widget

Huawei is about to rollout EMUI 13 for global smartphones but there’s a feature that we want Huawei to bring with EMUI 14 and it is the Battery Widget.

Currently, Huawei serves a lot of widgets in the EMUI 13 but the company has not introduced the battery widget. This is quite unique capability that we’re still missing in the EMUI universe. Before we dive deep into this new desirable feature, let’s take a look at the service widgets.

Huawei first introduced service widgets in HarmonyOS 2.0. It allows users to access a desired app service instantly, without the need to open an app first. Yes, the action is similar to the traditional Android widgets but the implementation and the UI are far more better.

For example, you can add a Huawei Health app service widget on the home screen. Once added, the widget will show key details including the steps count and exercise button. That’s not it, you can select different sizes of widgets. The company has improved its fluency and capabilities with HarmonyOS 3.0.

Battery widget:

This is a powerful tool and by far one of the best options to stay up to date with the battery status of all connected devices such as earphones, stylus, smartwatches, or any other IoT/smart home gadget.


Huawei’s arch-rival Samsung is leading this segment. Samsung launched this battery status option with One UI 5.1/Android 13 earlier this year. It offers two sizes including circles and lists. Both of them use indicators and percentages to highlight the current battery levels. Also, it has low battery indication color.

Samsung One UI battery widget

Stock Android:

Stock Android also comes with a battery widget in Android 14 and later versions. It looks good on the home screen, complying with the dynamic theme system. The widgets show the remaining backup time and percentage in horizontal bars.

Similar to Samsung, the battery widget on stock Android could also show the battery of all connected devices.

stock android battery widget

EMUI 14:

Yes, EMUI 14 could be a major upgrade for all of the smartphone users but the company could make an interactive battery widget for all of the Huawei phone users. Currently, Huawei has not revealed any plans on this matter. Therefore, we’ll wait for the second half of this year for more info.

Amy is our firmware and software specialist, she keeps her eagle eyes open for new software rollouts, beta programs, and other software related activities as well as new smartphone launch.