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An Industrial bank joins Huawei openGauss database community



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A Chinese industrial bank has joined Huawei openGauss open-source database community as a company contributor. Industrial Bank will actively participate in open source openGauss source code contributions. The latest joining will ensure will help openGauss to improve its attributes for the financial industry.

It will also resolve issues such as DB4AI, resource pooling, and heterogeneous database compatibility. Simultaneously, the new member could also organize in-depth technical discussions and practical innovations with other community contributors to introduce new features for better business architecture, and help in the implementation of openGauss in the financial industry.

During Huawei Connect 2019, Huawei launched its own database management system “GaussDB” with the Mulan PSL v2. In 2020, Huawei made its open-source code “openGauss”.

According to Huawei, The openGauss kernel was derived from PostgreSQL and focused on building advanced features for architecture, transactions, and storage engines with performance optimization. It is deeply optimized for ARM architecture and retains compatibility with x86 architecture.

Below you can check openGauss features:

  • Multi-core architecture for concurrency control, NUMA-aware storage engines, and SQL-Bypass (for intelligent path selection). openGauss delivers up to 1.5 million TPMC in the 128-cores scenario with 2 Kunpeng processors.
  • Quick failover with a recovery time objective (RTO) of less than 10s and whole stage data protection for security and reliability.
  • Intelligent parameter tuning, slow SQL diagnosis, multi-dimensional performance self-monitoring, and online SQL execution prediction for significantly simplified O&M.

Huawei is also an active contributor to open-source communities and projects. Developers from Huawei currently are holding more than 200 roles in major open-source communities, including TSC, PMC, PTL, Maintainer, and Committer. Huawei also has board member representatives for more than 10 open-source foundations and serves on many projects.

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