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I want to go forward with Huawei: Smart Car Chief



Yu chengdong Huawei

During an international Automobile expo in Shenzhen, Huawei Smart Car Business Chief, Yu Chegdong said that he wants to move forward with Huawei. Alongside the car business division, Yu is also the Executive Director of Huawei and CEO of Devices BG.

Yu’s latest remark came during his speech on the future of the automobile business and the car industry. As explained how the competition will rise and only the fittest will survive this battle.

He said that there will be a small number of manufacturers that will survive in the future. This change will happen due to the cost of manufacturing and large-scale investment. If companies do not invest enough in the business and research, they will be left behind and lose the competition.

“The future of cars will be different unlike the fuel-oriented vehicles, which can be built by even small car companies” mentioned Yu.

Yu chengdong Huawei

Giants and competition:

Yu Chengdong also commented on China’s largest car maker – BYD. He mentioned that BYD is one of the giants that can survive in the future. However, it’s still hard for other firms to survive and become a giant in the future. Because today’s achievements don’t define the upcoming market trends.

Therefore, the current competition is just the beginning and it will increase in the future. He also emphasized that Huawei can use the core technology of smart connected electric vehicles to help car companies and become a surviving giant in the era of extreme competition.

To conclude, Yu Chengdong said that Huawei doesn’t build cars alone and helps others to build better cars together. Then he shared a message that I want to survive with and go forward with Huawei in the field of autonomous driving business.


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