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Huawei’s OS will bring big trouble for Android: Strategy Analytics



Official detail on Huawei’s self-developed operating system is yet to be announced but a well-known industry analyst has predicted that Hongmeng OS will make Android OS weaker.

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According to the market researcher Strategy Analytics, the US restriction on Huawei would allow the company to launch its own proprietary OS in late 2019 in China, and extend to the overseas market from 2020 onwards. Also, the operating system will weaken Android dominance over the mobile operating system market.

“Although Android will remain as the largest smartphone operating system over the forecast window, its dominating position will be undermined by the new Huawei OS, especially in China.” Says the researcher.

For now, Android is the most dominant mobile operating system that rules on more than 80% of the total smartphone market share but this market share is also supported by the world’s second largest smartphone maker and with Huawei devices out from Android’s ecosystem will be a big loss for share market.

Even after Huawei’s blacklisting, the company is still looking forward to catching up with Android for its upcoming smartphone and if it didn’t happen Huawei will launch its own OS.

According to previous reports, Huawei has trademarked its operating system under “Hongmeng” name at global intellectual property organizations and it will support different device platforms including smartphones, tablet, laptop, wearables, IoT and more.

Currently, there’s no exact timeline available on the launch of Hongmeng OS but it’s expected that the company could provide a sneak peek at Developer Conference 2019.

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