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Huawei won the dispute over its logo in European court, verdict says it doesn’t confuses anyone



According to the latest news, it was disclosed that Huawei has won over the Chanel for the logo case in the European Union (later referred to as EU) General Court ruled.

To be mentioned, Huawei had applied for an EU trademark protection logo for the company’s computer hardware by 2017, which was opposed by a channel.

The Issue:

The issue was both companies logo shares the similarity in structure, and Chanel was afraid that in future it will create a problem for them.

The logo of Huawei Technology contains two “U” shaped curves put against each other in a vertical manner forming the “H” stand for Huawei.

However, it was reportedly said to be inspired by the channel’s logo which contains two “C” characters arranged in a horizontal manner.

Chanel filed a lawsuit against Huawei claiming that the arrangement of Huawei’s logo will create confusion for their customers as both have similar curves.

The Chanel Brand:

It noteworthy that Chanel is a French clothing brand focused on Women’s fashion collections including attire, makeup, accessories, and more.

On today’s matter, Chanel didn’t leave any comment but can further appeal for the ruling.

The EU’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO) had rejected Chanel’s challenge, declaring, there wasn’t any risk that consumers would confuse the two images by 2019.


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