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Lao Telecom adopts Huawei’s FDD Smart Massive MIMO Solution, improved user experience by 30%




Recently, Huawei and Lao Telecom were working together in order to test the enhanced FDD (Frequency Division Duplex) smart massive MIMO solution based on Huawei’s latest software version of eRAN17.1.

The verification outcome confirms that the high-performance network delivered by this new smart beam solution. It achieves 30% more results with the 26% of increased users. It enlarges the network traffic jam by 20%, even so, the smart solution successively achieves a satisfactory result.

For a long time, Lao Telecom was struggling with the network traffic jam due to exceeding 25GB data usage per user in a month. And the hotspots open area actively attracts network users.

The networks in the traditional 4T4R 6-sector form were also overload, which can prove a great thread to the user’s networking experience and putting privacy in danger.

In order to solve this problem and cope with the trend, the Lao Group acquires the FDD dual-band massive MIMO solution by 2020 for its hotspots crowded areas.

Afterwards, the users have overcome the network difficulties and successfully reached the extended network capacity to 1.9 times. This is equivalent to a 4T4R 6-sector network.

The respected authority of Lao Telecom said, we are dedicated to providing the users with the best communications and network experience via technology innovation.

The users were pleased to experience the Massive MIMO solution of  Huawei, which smoothly solves all the hazard in the network route. Lao Corporation is looking for future corporation between both firms.

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