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Huawei will unveil industry’s most powerful 8T8R RRU tech



Huawei 8T8R RRU

At MWC 2023, Huawei carrier business will launch its newest and industry’s most powerful ultra-broadband 8T8R RRU solution with the most efficient power consumption.

RRU (Remote Radio Unit, remote radio unit) is a component that hangs on the top of the base station and is very close to the antenna. The frequency bands supported by the RRU are divided into FDD and TDD. Among them, FDD is divided into two sections of spectrum, uplink, and downlink, while TDD supports uplink and downlink on the same section.

The number of “xTxR”, that is, the number of transmit and receive ports used by the RRU to connect to the antenna, is strongly related to the RRU’s ability to support MIMO, beamforming capabilities, and the ability to receive uplink signals.

Huawei said, its latest 8T8R RRU solution could bring up to 40% energy efficiency, which is a landmark achievement for the Chiense tech maker.

The company noted that it has utilized 5G NR high-precision beamforming technology designed for the FDD frequency band, the ultra-wideband 8T8R RRU can improve network capacity and coverage at the same time, increasing the experience by another 40%.

At the same time, in medium-to-heavy load scenarios, Power-Boosting technology can realize 100% dynamic power sharing between carriers and systems, reducing power consumption by 30% under the same performance.

In light-load scenarios, Power-Adapting supports power-on-demand scheduling, realizing The basic power consumption of 8T8R is equivalent to that of 4T4R.

With growing challenges associated with the continued increase in LTE traffic and accelerated 5G commercial adoption, operators should take balanced approaches to achieve both LTE network expansion and quick, smooth evolution to 5G.

Huawei’s Smart 8T8R solution allows for one-time SDA and 8T8R RRU deployment to serve multi-sector deployments across 2G, 3G, and 4G while supporting smooth evolution to 5G through software-based configuration, providing better choices for operators to build mobile networks.

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