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EU ranks Huawei in the top 5 R&D investors scoreboard 2022




Research and Development are the key aspects to build any new product and Huawei is investing heavily to ensure its progress, as it was also recognized in by the EU R&D scoreboard 2022.

EU Industrial R&D investment scoreboard 2022 scoreboard has ranked Huawei in the top 5 companies that spent most of their income on research.

According to the list, Huawei Investment & Holding comes in fourth place with 19 million Euros of investment. As compared to the fourth position, Huawei was in 43 ranks in 2012, which is a big jump for the Chinese tech maker.

Alphabet rules over the R&D investment in the first place, followed by the FaceBook and Instagram parent, META in second and Microsoft comes third. Moving on, Apple numbered the fifth spot.

EU Huawei R&D 2022

Past information shows that Huawei’s R&D expenditure was 142.7 billion yuan ($21.28 billion) in 2021, which takes about 22.4 percent of its annual revenue. It’s one of the biggest stacks on research and development of new technologies.

EU Scoreboard 2022:

EU scoreboard is a platform to measure the performance of EU innovation industries and provide an R&D investment database that companies, investors, and policymakers can use to compare companies’ performances.

According to the data released by the scoreboard, the 2022 edition of the Scoreboard analyses the 2500 companies that invested the largest sums in R&D worldwide in 2021.

These companies, with headquarters in 41 countries, and more than 900k subsidiaries all over the world, each invested over EUR 48.5 million in R&D in 2021.

These 2500 companies invested a total of EUR 1093.9 billion, an amount equivalent to 86% of the world’s business-funded R&D. It also passed a trillion Euro milestone for the first time.

The top 2500 includes 361 companies based in the EU, accounting for 17.6% of total R&D investment, 822 US companies (40.2%), 678 Chinese companies (17.9%), 233 Japanese companies (10.4%) and 406 from the rest of the world (RoW, 13.9% of R&D). The RoW group comprises companies from South Korea (53), Switzerland (55), the UK (95), Taiwan (84), and companies based in a further 18 countries.

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