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Huawei released Multi-Window Screenshot Patent



Huawei Multi-Window

On 26th October 2021, Huawei released its Multi-Window Screenshot Patent document on the Chinese Intellectual Property Database Platform. As the name suggests, this new technology will target to simplify the process of taking screenshots while multi-tasking.

According to the patent abstract for Huawei Multi-Window Screenshot technology, the company has filled it in 2020 on the 4th of July. This Huawei patent was published with CN113552986A identification number under the title “Multi-window Screen Capture Method, Device and Equipment”.

Huawei Multi-Window Screenshot: Patent Description

The document description shows when a user wants to capture a screenshot of a multi-window, the device will first capture the preview image of the screen. Simultaneously, the window split button also appears on the screen.

Afterward, users will be able to select the desired area to take the screenshot. In other words, users can convert the first preview image into multiple second preview images corresponding to each window. Hereafter they can select the screen area they want to take a screenshot of.

Moreover, the process will not only become more modest but the flexibility and efficiency of multi-window screenshots will also enhance. In addition, users can also manage the screenshots of blocked windows during multitasking.

Huawei Multi-Window Screenshot Patent

Huawei Multi Window:

The multi-window mode for Huawei devices was first introduced with EMUI 10.1 software rollout that has brought intensive multi-tasking users experience. This feature made it easier to use split screens or in a floating window in devices.

Overall, it is designed to run multiple apps in split-screen mode, so users can improve workflow and become more productive when multitasking. With time, the company also enhanced this function giving more features and capabilities.

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(Source: CNMO)

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