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Huawei Vice Chairman Ding Yun, passed away due to sudden illness



Huawei Vice Chairman passed away

October 7 morning was quite difficult for the Huawei family as the Vice Chairman of Huawei – Ding Yun passed away due to a sudden illness. As per the reports, the personality got a heart stroke due to which he fainted and didn’t wake up again.

Mr. Ding Yun who passed away at the age of 53 was not only the Vice Chairman of Huawei but was a huge businessman. He was the rich owner of two core businesses, and also served as a significant member of the company’s board of supervisors.

Unfortunately, the great human being marked the end of his life (1969 – 2022). Yun has been a great pillar of the company and has made all the efforts to bring the firm to the top positions in the market.

At such a sad moment, Huawei painfully delivered a short speech of respectful words for the inspiring character:

“Mr. Ding Yun has worked at Huawei for 26 years and has made significant contributions to the company’s growth and development. We express our deep condolences for his untimely passing. Please focus on your work and turn your grief into strength.”

Huawei Vice Chairman passed away

With the onset of this year, the Chinese manufacturer has announced Ding Yun as the president of the enterprise BG. On the flip side, he was also serving as the general cadre department and the president of the operator BG.

Yun has pursued his post-graduation from Southeast University. He joined Huawei at the age of 27 and worked diligently for 26 years. Being the director as well as in charge of two major businesses, he has gained a valuable position in front of Ren Zhengfei.

The company also issued an obituary with the following words:

“It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that Ding Yun will die in 2022 due to a sudden illness. Sadly passed away in the early morning of October 7, at the age of 53 (1969 – 2022).”

Huawei Vice Chairman passed away


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