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Huawei dominates global telecom equipment market



Huawei global telecom equipment market

Once again, Huawei has proved that its telecom solutions and equipment come in the best categories in the world. The proof of this statement is the recent Global Telecom Equipment market report where Huawei has scored in the first position.

According to the latest information, the Telecom Equipment market share has increased by three percent in the first half of 2022. Though it is 4 percent less than the previous record. Yet the credit for this increment mainly goes to Huawei.

The analysis reveals the list and outcomes of the top vendors around the world. The list includes Huawei, Nokia, Ericsson, ZTE, Cisco, Ciena, and Samsung. Among these tech giants, Huawei is standing in the top place in the Global Telecom Equipment Market.

Huawei global telecom equipment market

The report is coming from the official research organization – Dell’Oro group. The cooperation states that the new challenges in the market mainly relate to the 5G spectrum, component shortage, strengthening USD, and more.

Due to these hurdles, broadband equipment doesn’t attain enough counts for the developments. The impact of this is also visible in the global market revenue of telecom equipment.

However, Huawei has immensely offered benefits to the China region with its amazing implementations in the telecom equipment field. Consequently, the Chinese manufacturer accounted for 18 percent of the telecom equipment market in H122.

Huawei Telecom Revenue in China

Alongside this, we are well aware of the new technologies and solutions that Huawei keeps on bringing into the world. The ultimate purpose of the company is to elevate the digital economy at every corner of the globe. And we could see the efforts of the company on this matter.

In the Worldwide Telecom Equipment revenue, Huawei contributed 32 percent. While in Mainland China, the company has served more than 50 percent of its revenue. With such initiatives and hard work, Huawei will keep increasing its success rate.

Huawei global telecom equipment market


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