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Huawei users facing bugs in HarmonyOS software system similar to Xiaomi’s MIUI



Huawei HarmonyOS bugs

Well, everyone knows that HarmonyOS is superior to that of the MIUI in all aspects. A phone running HarmonyOS can apparently deliver a smooth experience across all scenarios. But, some Chinese users started comparing Huawei HarmonyOS to Xiaomi’s MIUI. As they began facing more and more bugs like the MIUI software system.

According to the users, Huawei HarmonyOS is now like MIUI in terms of issues and bugs. It has several small bugs that are irritating for users. They mention that whenever the horizontal screen application is switched to the home screen, the wallpaper will become brighter, after opening an application it will back to normal.

Moreover, when the control center opens WiFi, sometimes it will display blank space for more than 10 seconds. Might the control center and WiFi control be the same two apps and they have to be loaded.


Once in a while, the stroke time has to stop, and it takes a long time to come out and often dropped frames. The user also reported that there are services that may choose the streamlined version, it is clear that some other services have much more widgets, and more pushes, than the original. 

Moreover, some users replied to solve the issue, they recommended to the owner to send the device for repair in the Huawei customer services. All the above, Huawei HarmonyOS system issues and bugs are really disappointing as they distracted users and provide a harsh users experience which is really abnormal. Moreover, the only option is to solve their issue is to send your device to repair on Huawei stores.

(Source: Huawei)

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