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Huawei upgrades P50 Pro camera with new features update



huawei p50 pro camera features update

Huawei is sending a new software update for the P50 Pro smartphone in the global market that brings a set of new camera features through an OTA update download. It’s exciting to see this update for the flagship Huawei model and it’ll surely improve the overall camera quality with added new capabilities.

According to Huaweiblog, the latest firmware for Huawei P50 Pro has EMUI 12 version and an updated package size of 342 MB. The changelog reveals that the phone users will get a new light painting mode on the camera application to capture amazing light trails and other image effects in real-time.

Talking specifically, the Huawei P50 Pro camera features update has effects such as Tail Light Trails, Light graffiti, Silky water, and Star Trails. The update also improves the Super Macro mode photography.

There’s no stopping here because the Huawei P50 Pro upgrade has system stability improvements to make the user interface run smoother and more efficiently.

The latest Huawei P50 Pro camera update also improves the overall system security with patches released in April 2022.

huawei p50 pro camera features update

Huawei P50 Pro:

There are a few things that you need to know before upgrading your phone to the latest Huawei P50 Pro software. It’s recommended for you take a backup of important data to prevent unwanted deletion.

You need to keep sufficient storage to download and store the OTA update package on your phone.

To download:

To download the latest Huawei P50 Pro package on your device, you need to go to the Settings menu of your phone, from here navigate towards System & updates > from here tap on Software updates, and then click on Updates. Thereafter, the screen will prompt you with the latest software update version upgrade and allow you to get it on board. Make sure you download this as soon as it arrives on your Huawei P50 Pro device.

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