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Huawei unveils new super fast Max 80W vertical wireless charger



Huawei Max 80W wireless charger

Huawei has launched a brand-new super fast Max 80W vertical wireless charger. The adapter appears in two colors: White and Black with robust features and parameters. Besides, it is compatible with a variety of models including Apple iPhones.

Let’s explore the new charging accessory in more detail!

Huawei Max 80W vertical wireless charger sports a double coil design that makes it suitable for devices. It has an oval-shaped light-sensitive glass in a 60-degree visual angle format for a stable positioning while watching movies, or making video calls.

The newly launched compact accessory has a size of 105mm x 66mm x 90mm and weighs around 147 grams. It bears a 5V-20V and 6A Max input interface voltage.

Max 80W charger supports both horizontal and vertical charging modes so you can perform operations while the device is charging. Also, you can schedule the ‘night silent mode’ so you can sleep freely without being interrupted by your phone.

Huawei Max 80W wireless charger

It further eliminates the hassle of wired charging. Consumers can simply put it down to begin the charging or pick it up to stop the function. Apart from smartphones, you can charge your Huawei MatePad Pro tablet, earbuds, and other electronic devices.

Just like Huawei phones, the Max 80W charger has a 3D air-cooling heat dissipation system to smartly adjust the wind force, ensuring a high-efficiency charge. It also features foreign object detection (FOD) to alert users when a metal item such as keys or coins interferes with charging.

Meanwhile, the adapter brings several safety functions like protection from overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, and Undervoltage.

In terms of compatibility, premium Mate lineups, P-series, and certain flagship iPhone models fall into the adaptive devices. Also, the MatePad Pro 10.8, and FreeBuds can be used.

Huawei Max 80W wireless charger


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