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Huawei unveils new custom and port solutions to build world-class Trade architecture



Huawei custom port solutions

Huawei Connect 2022 event, held in Bangkok has come to an end. But, the new techniques and solutions that the company has introduced in this event will keep working for the benefit of consumers. And one of these solutions is the Huawei Custom-Port.

According to the official statements, Huawei has offered a huge bundle of custom and port solutions to build a world-class trade infrastructure. Consequently, these solutions will elevate the digital transformation growth in Asia Pacific regions.

The Senior Vice President of Huawei Customs and Port Team – Robin Lu defines the purpose of these solutions:

At HUAWEI CONNECT this year, we are sharing our leading ICT products and successful industry scenario-based solutions in the hope of helping customs and port infrastructure in the Asia Pacific achieve modernization and smart development. In doing so, we can improve port operational efficiency and cross-border trade facilitation.

Huawei custom port solutions

Solutions will work as a significant part!

Lu also describes that the following solutions will work as the brain, arms, legs, and eyes of the ports:

Smart Container Planning (Brain): Planning is the main and the beginning of any port. Thus, the company uses the Huawei Cloud OptVerse AI Solver to enable intelligent planning and to bring efficiency at every step of production.

Remote Control with Optical Network (Arms): Conventional operations are quite time-taking and labor-intensive. But, with Huawei’s remote control solution, based on an optical network, the tasks become easier, safer, and consume less time.

Smart Horizontal Transport (Legs): Ports are usually 24/7 open work. With overloads and safety risks, it often becomes difficult to get the appropriate results. But Huawei Horizontal Transport solution integrates such features that enable autonomous driving, intelligent obstacle avoidance, and adaptive cruise control, which reduces safety and increases efficiency by 20 percent.

Smart Production Security (Eyes): Huawei provides a smart production security solution to aid terminals as well as safety risks.

Apart from these mechanisms, Huawei also takes supports Remote Inspection and Smart Gates solutions. Together, these lead to faster inspection and better collaboration. Ultimately, this will help the company to understand the needs of consumers and respond to them even faster.


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