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Huawei and China Mobile win Sustainability Excellence Award 2022



Huawei Sustainability Excellence Award 2022

Recently, the TM forum conducted the Digital Transformation World (DTW) Summit. At this event, Huawei and China Mobile won the Sustainability Excellence Award 2022 for their ‘Green 5G Enables Sustainable Development project‘.

Huawei and China Mobile are constantly working toward the global goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality. After beneficial communication, both cooperations decided to build the Green 5G all-scenario solution.

Ultimately, the Green 5G project has contained several techniques to promote sustainable growth. For instance, digital-intelligent services of Autonomous Networks (AN), innovative technologies, and more reflective features. Together, these implements made the project compatible to achieve the mandatory goals.

Hence, seeing the good impact of the project, the TM Forum has awarded Huawei and China Mobile with Sustainability Excellence Award 2022. Apart from the award ceremony, Huawei has also delivered some highlights on the Green 5G solution.

Huawei Sustainability Excellence Award 2022

Green 5G Solution

  • 5G Network Operations: The solution has developed energy-saving techs for its network services. As a result, it would help in achieving end-to-end energy savings on 5G networks. Further, it will cover all the necessary layers. (5G base stations, transmission devices, equipment rooms, simplified outdoor sites, and data centers).
  • Industry Customer Enablement: The solution comprises AI functions of the AN phase. This enables large bandwidth with low latency advantages of 5G. Eventually, this aids the enterprises to improve their resource efficiency and production efficiency.
  • Data Transfer: The solution actively participates in practicing Eastern Data, and Western Training over the computing force network. This helps in utilizing the western advantages of clean energy, completely.

Huawei understands that communication networks will play a crucial part in accelerating digital growth. Hence, it keeps on introducing new technologies such as OXC (Optical Cross-Connect) Solutions, single-domain autonomy concept, and more.

Being a world-class global ICT provider, the Chinese tech giant promises to continue the work for smarter, greener, and more reliable products and solutions. Consequently, these efforts will make it possible to achieve the goal of a green future.


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